ONE TO ONE Philosophy

I strive to make Tabletop Simulator mods as close to their physical counterparts as possible. This means accurately replicating them visually and functionally. To achieve this, I use a combination of 3D modeling and scripting.

One of my very first serious mods was that of my personal copy of Barenpark. I truly wanted it to be a 1:1 representation of the game I had, and so I resorted to scanning all the components, box included.

I wanted the authenticity of the mod to come through for the entire build so I wanted to show all the components fly out of the box and into their proper positions on the table. I went so far as to include the rules inside the box and to show the tri-fold board actually unfolding during setup. All randomized components and player count are also accounted for. As a final touch, I didn't want any UI to take away from the experience so setup is triggered as it would in real life - as soon as the box is opened.