form + Function

I created the Obsidian Tracker as a way to represent dual-wheel trackers in Tabletop Simulator. While the stock counters in TTS are ultimately a more practical solution to keeping track of numbers, it is immensely satisfying to see physical components being successfully translated to digital form.

The first publicly available asset from the Tabletop Simulator Workshop is called the Obsidian Tracker - a dual-wheel tracker used to keep tabs on any number from 00 to 99.

When sharing some of my mod work, I have come across a lot of people who say that they prefer function over form. While I certainly respect and agree with their statement, I say, why not have both?

The Obsidian Tracker is not the most practical way to keep track of numbers. But if a physical game comes with a dual-wheel tracker, wouldn't you want the same in its digital mod? I would. Hence the Obsidian Tracker was made.

You can subscribe to the Obsidian Tracker through this link: